Yu Kogure

Yu Kogure,
CS Student / Software Engineer

Born in Tokyo, raised in Sapporo & Malaysia. Current Year 3 Advanced Computer Science Student @ Monash University. I thrive on quick learning, achieving the highest grades among the entire faculty of IT in my first-year. Interested in server infrastructure, backend development, and problem-solving techniques.


Semester 1 FIT3171 - Databases (96%): Highest grade among all students.


Semester 1 FIT2004 - Algorithms & Data Structures (94%): Highest grade among all students.


First-year Professor Cliff Bellamy Award: Highest grade among all students under the facutly of IT.


MDashHack DHL Hackathon: Finalist.


Semester 1 MUF0121 - Physics 1 (100%): Highest grade among all students.

  1. Simple Inc.

    ~ Researched and developed a new time-dependent multimodal map routing / matching service over the Kanto region using Go, PostgreSQL, and React.

    ~ Engineered efficient automation solutions in Go, Python, and JavaScript to streamline key sales, management, and internal recruitment operations.

  2. Monash University

    ~ Academic Tutor / TA for the CS core unit FIT1008 - Fundamentals of Algorithms, focusing on computational complexity, and introductory algorithms & data structures.

    ~ Responsible for delivering theory lectures to over 90+ students on the main campus, conducting weekly consultation sessions, and assignment marking.

  3. ESL FACEIT Group

    ~ Worked with global teams to strategise contents and manage community interactions, covering major events like the first-ever SPS Worlds held at DreamHack Japan.